Top 5 most romantic getaways

This weekend marks Valentines Day, the American made holiday where single people everywhere panic, develop strong anti couple sentiments and ultimately cry themselves to sleep. Cards, flowers, and chocolates are also exchanged by couples all over the world who spend the day declaring their love for one and other. Although these gifts are sweet enough there’s nothing quite like the gift of experience and so this weekend why not take your other half away on a romantic holiday they’ll never forget?

Of course your sweetheart deserves only the best and with a whole globe of countries to choose from which are the creme de la creme of romance? For the single’s out there why not get a group of your best friends and go on a single’s trip- who knows you might even find love along the way! Here’s a list of my top five most romantic countries in the world.



Why it’s romantic: If you love stunning panoramic views of deep blue ocean, glorious orange sunsets and picturesque cliff towns then Santorini is the place for you and your partner this Valentines Day. The Greek Island is incredibly popular in the wedding and honeymoon scene for its whitewashed, blue domed Mediterranean villages and warm weather.
What to do there: Watch the sunset at Oria. Hire a boat for the day and visit the hot springs. Visit the Red Beach and chill out with your loved one.



Why it’s romantic: It’s Paris. No seriously it’s known as the city of love for a reason. Filled with stunning buildings, seductive art and a historic love affair with hollywood, in the words of Audrey Hepburn, “Paris is always a good idea.” Paris is often thought of as the most romantic place on earth with hundreds of men proposing on the Eiffel Tower every week.
What to do there: Buy macaroons and take a stroll to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Get dressed up and see a show at the Palais Garnier. Spend the day drinking coffee while in and out of antique, vintage bookshops. Visit the top of the Effiel Tower just in time to see sunset fall on beautiful Paris.



Why it’s romantic: every step you take when in Bruges feels like your walking in a postcard. This fairytale medieval town is filled with everything that makes a perfect Valentines Day getaway; Belgian truffles, historic cobbled streets, beautiful churches and canal tours. With attractions close together you can do and see everything the city has to offer in just one short, romantic weekend away.
What to do: Go on a horse carriage ride throughout the city centre. Take a canal ride around the backstreets of Bruges. Stay in one of their medieval hotels and visit the chocolate museum.

The Maldives


Why it’s romantic: it’s described as a paradise and the perfect Valentines trip away with glorious scenery and plenty of couple activities on offer. Couples often choose the Maldives as their honeymoon destination with a wide range of luxury spa hotels to choose from. If you’re looking for a romantic atmosphere, fine dinning and adventurous activities, the Maldives is the place for you this Valentines Day.
What to do: Take an early morning walk with your loved one and see the sunrise. Go canoeing, snorkelling and scuba diving. Become one with your relaxing surroundings and treat yourself to some outdoor couple spa treatments.

The Italian Riviera


Why it’s romantic: Known for romance, this strip of Mediterranean coastline between France and Tuscany boasts sapphire sparkling waters, lush beaches and wild vineyards. Lovebirds can escape to some of Italy’s most underrated areas such as the rugged coastline of Liguria and it’s historical capital, Genova.
What to do: Visit one of the many vineyards the Riviera has to offer and go wine tasting. Visit Genova’s Via Garibaldi street that boasts some of the worlds most stunning architecture. Try the food! Basil leaves, olive oil and cheese were made famous by the Italian Riviera.

What’s the most romantic holiday you’ve ever been on?

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