They say life is art and it’s clear from the get go that Rose Mmbaga lives hers in colour. However, it’s not just her beautiful bright clothing that makes her so vibrant.

When World Merit set a competition asking Merit360 hopefuls to distribute 200 surveys regarding how the UN is perceived, Rose went one step further and reached over 1,000 people in her home country of Tanzania, Africa.

This achievement won her the opportunity to speak at the United Nations, an opportunity she used to raise awareness around SDG 13, Climate Action, and to encourage further representation for Tanzanian women within the UN.

Climate Action is a topic very close to Rose’s heart as 75% of Tanzania’s economy is dependent on agriculture which can easily be destroyed with extreme heat.

Rose said: “when our agriculture is affected women in the community are normally affected most. While doing my surveys I realised now is the time to advocate for climate action.”

It doesn’t come as a shock to learn Rose wasn’t nervous to deliver her speech, on the contrary she was eager to bring her charisma to the UN stage.

After studying sociology at St Augustine University of Tanzania, she is now a senior marketing and communications officer for Raleigh International, an organisation which aims to connect communities with passionate changemakers.

Since her speech Rose has been invited by International Labour Organisation (ILO) to speak about her experience back home in Tanzania and in Nairobi, Kenya. Her main aim in life is to give women a voice within the UN, she said: “I’d like to be an ambassador for Tanzanian women, and an example to them that anything is possible if you try.”

In her spare time Rose endorses tourism in Tanzania by attracting people to visit Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as supporting her single mother with her clothing line by buying her creations, modelling them and selling them to other fashion enthusiasts.


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