Philippines: Meet Manila

If you’ve ever discussed visiting Manila, the Philippine’s bustling capital and the biggest city in South East Asia, then chances are you were told to leave as soon as you landed. Its infamous traffic jams and crazy crowds have branded the metropolis as merely a layover on the way to one of 7,000 islands thought to replicate paradise.

The Philippines is an archipelagic state, (a cluster of islands that make up a country) that has had its fair share of heartache with a turbulent history of colonialisation by four different countries; Spain, U.K, Japan, and the USA. But its capital, Manila, suffered most of all.

By Elmer B. Domingo – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Having once been known as “The Pearl of the Orient” Manila went from a city of beauty and sophistication to being left for waste during World War II’s Battle of Manila, 1945. While today it isn’t the pretty city it once was, Manila is a thriving third world metropolis which still has plenty to offer if you give it a chance.

With plenty of historical buildings, museums, markets, super-malls, and some of the countries best restaurants to choose from, there’s never a dull moment in Manila.

I am here for the duration of my internship and during my stay, I’m determined to prove it to be a city of soul and excitement, well worth your time. Check out my video below to experience my first weekend in Manila.

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