Your Tourist Tales Vol I

In my personal opinion, one of the highlights of travelling is the people you meet throughout your journey and the memories you accumulate. Often, our travels consist of bumps along the way and result in some crazy stories to recount one day to our family and friends. In a new series, I’ll be collecting some of your best tourist tales and showcasing them for all of you to enjoy. With these stories, I hope people are inspired to explore, socialise and escape their comfort zones in order to create travel tales of their own. Now, without further ado here’s volume I …

First-rate Rests

@rosie.neale we want this to happen to us!

An Alarming Alliance

“I arrived at my hostel in Frankfurt and there was an Australian girl in front of me checking in. They were nearly sold out and wanted almost $100. So she and I decided to split a room at a hotel. We called a cab and jumped in. But as I reached for my seatbelt, the driver flipped a U-turn. We got hit by another car and while I was ok the girl hit her head on the door pillar and was unconscious. After a hospital trip, I spent the next 3 days taking care of her and once she recovered we decided to go to Prague together. We got off the train in Prague, and the girl had a massive lump on her forehead from the crash, but it was hidden by hair. We went to a host families home and stayed the night. The next morning we woke up to find the knot on her head drained and instead her face was bruised and her eyes were swollen shut. When we walked into the common area everyone was staring at me. There was dead silence. They looked at me, then looked at her, and thought the worst. I start saying ‘no-no…’, but one lady started yelling at me. After three hours, four police officers, and a lot of explaining they let us go. Today the girl is my wife.”

Story from @Baroliche!

Devout Detour

Thank you for sharing!

The Tangled Trek

“I was hiking in the rainforest on the Brazilian/Argentinian border near Iguazu Falls with one of my best friends. It was a stunning landscape and we were having a great time until I heard a shriek come from behind me. My friend had wanted to take a picture of something slightly off the path, and walked directly into a spiderweb. This wasn’t just any spiderweb, it was about 6 feet tall and spanned between two large trees across a 4 foot distance. Her entire body was coated in web. Luckily we never saw the spider that went with it…”

Thank you @laurahrahrah for sharing your story!

Cabin Courtship

The perfect meet-cute? Thank you @lespoirdemavie


Terrifying Twister

“I got stuck in hurricane Sandy. I was in NYC when word got out that there was a hurricane on the way. New Yorkers were so blasé about it all, that I shrugged it off. Just incase I stocked up on canned food, wine and chocolate – the essentials. When it came down to it I sat in the middle of my room and watched the news coverage. There was a huge explosion nearby and an instant blackout. I had to light candles as we’d lost electricity and there was no Wifi to stay updated. Outside I could hear what sounded like large metal parts of buildings falling to the ground, and a constant howling wind. We lost power for days. There was no way of contacting the outside world without a payphone. Restaurants offered free food and the traffic did what it wanted with no working signals. New York felt like it was reduced to a corrupt city after just a few days of no power. It was a pretty scary.”

Thank you @girlsthattravelofficial for this terrifying tale!

A Surprising Engagement

What a gem from @all.in87


Risky Residences

“I once accidentally spent the night in a brothel. It was my very first night in Dubai and I’d left the first few days of accommodation booking to my travel agent, with a note saying: ‘I’m on a super tight budget, please find me the cheapest hotel available.’ Which he did. It took me a while to figure out what was going on even after I had received a phone call offering me a “specialist movie.” I locked my door, turned up the volume on my TV, and was relieved when it finally came to check out!”

Another great tale from @girlsthattravelofficial!


Carousel & Cocktails

Shout out to @maymaysantos for this hilarious story!


Which was your favourite story? Let me know in the comments below.

If you have a travel tale to share please contact me at



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