Is Manila the most Instabramable city in SE Asia?

Stood facing a sky-high building a plethora of colours stare back at you so brightly they could be a mirage. Arms stretched high like a bird showcasing its wings, your head clocks to one side as your hip pops into pose at the sound of the camera shutter. You already have the perfect musical lyric in mind to caption your new snap along with the hashtags #streetart #artsy #wanderlust.

Hey, we’ve all been there. You’re on holiday and trying to keep your Instagram game strong. Some cities just make it easy like Berlin in Germany and Melbourne in Australia, both famous for their meaningful murals and vibrant street art scene.

But they’re not alone, just check out this list of the best cities in the World for Street Art. One place absent from the list is Manila, the biggest city in SE Asia and the capital of the Philippines. Surprisingly Manila’s streets are scattered with mesmerising murals and eye-catching animations and it’s not gone unnoticed by enthusiastic Instagrammers.


One of the best places to see Insta-worthy art is Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig. The murals spotted around BGC are by international and local artists produced for the annual Art BGC Festival organised by the Bonifacio Arts Foundation (BAFI).

Murals can be found across the metropolis on walls and buildings as high as 85 feet tall, making them the perfect backdrop for photo shoots. Most of these paintings have different meanings behind them. For example, a large design on the Net One Center building is by Filipino artist Abrigo. The mural is a tribute to the local labour workers, the “invisible heroes” who developed the city into what it is today.

Check out the video below for a glimpse of all the accessible artwork I found while strolling around BGC.


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